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8 - 9

February 2017



Thank you for having joined and followed this year's Hamburg Aviation Conference!

Change today is happening ten times faster and at 300 times the scale, or roughly 3,000 times the impact compared with the Industrial Revolution. We all know that these disruptions are happening, but most of us do not yet comprehend their full magnitude and the effects that will result.

At this year’s Hamburg Aviation Conference we discussed with more than 150 top leaders from airports, airlines, other industries and science game changers in this disruptive environment, and how daring to be different can lead to success. The opening of the conference with our ibot and participation of Tanaka san from Tokyo in panel and audience as robot were just a few highlights of this conference. 

Selection of quotes from speakers and delegates: 

  • Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair, CMO explained how they lead the way in managing change faster than everyone else: 1. building a story 2. flat hierarchy 3. keep focus on cost
  • Tanaka san, Nikken Sekkei, designer of Tokyo Narita Terminal 3 explained why they turned the airport into a running track, and how their cooperation with Muji worked
  • Mignon Buckingham presented interesting insight from their latest research on what customers really want from an  airport - the surprising news is that customers do want a relationship with airports, and they want their ideal airport to have everything which the airports have today, but better (the detailed study can be requested with us)
  • Stephan Jung, Eisberg Positioning, Managing Partner explained vividly latest trends - from robots in our private lifes to innovative interactive commercials such as the Nestlé Contrex spinning bike one, what the 3D printer can do and more
  • Patrick Murphy explained where the airline model is going, why legacy carriers are failing and low cost carrieres are flourishing, why long haul low cost operations will remain a challenge and what the latest developments in the industry are. Patrick was Chairman of the Board for Ryanair when they switched to the low cost model more than 20 years ago and since then advised a number of global airlines and has been Executive Advisor with Peach Airlines, Japan to help them successfully build their company
  • Jon Norris, Lumexis, VP Sales and other panel representatives discussed whether inflight connectivity is a must, and in what form and shape it could be implemented
  • Marcus Puffer, IBS Software Services, VP Global Loyalty Strategy gave his vision of customer loyalty of the future, lying more in customer experience and engagement than in points programs only
  • Juha Järvinen, Finnair, CCO explained their innovative comercial strategy to differentiate using their geographic position
  • Artis Lismanis, Monarch Airlines, Head of Analytics,explained the steps to a successful data journey - "think big, start small"
  • Pramod Jain, Sabre Austria, Managing Director pointed out a number of innovative solutions to increase efficiency for flight planning and other areas


Our impressive speaker line up included among others CEOs, top leaders and entrepreneurs from the following organisations:

  • airports of Hamburg, Isavia (Iceland), Hyderabad, Tokyo Narita, Dublin, Tampa (Florida), Weeze and the German Airports Association,
  • from airlines such as Ryanair, HongKong Express, LOT, Finnair, Lufthansa, Peach Airlines (Japan) and Monarch Airlines
  • as well as professors from the University of Waterloo, ISM International School of Management, the Hellenic American University, TU Hamburg, Bucks New University and Trinity College/University of Dublin,
  • representatives from Barclays Bank, Travelzoo, Lumexis inflight entertainment, Sabre Austria, Flio airport app, Eisberg Positioning, Local destination app, Travelpass


This unique and very personal conference is organised by the boutique consultancy XXL Solutions. Hamburg Airport originally started the conference in 1999 and remains the main marketing partner. Other marketing partners include Lumexis (USA, inflight entertainment solutions), Airbus (Germany), ICLP (global loyalty agency), IBS Software Services, Sabre Airlines Solutions (Austria division), Travelpass (innovative subscriber solution), Heinemann Duty Free, YieldIn (innovative revenue management solutions), Dabelstein & Passehl (international lawyers).

The advisory board is chaired by Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO at Hamburg Airport. Other members include top management from Geneva Airport, HongKong Express Airlines, Lufthansa, Airbus, LH Technik, International School of Management, University of Waterloo, Heinemann Duty Free, Trinity College, DLR and more.


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2016 Speakers

Peter Devlin, Local, CEO & Founder


Vincent Harrison, Dublin Airport, Managing Director


Daniel Burkard, Domodedovo Moscow Airport, Deputy Airport Director, Director Non-Aviation Devleopment


Nicolas Günther, Travelzoo Germany, Head of Sales


Paul Sies, bmi regional, Commercial Advisor


Christopher Minner, Tampa International Airport, VP


Stefanie Moulliet, Lufthansa Flight Training, Head of Wet Training Business Development


Kenny Jacobs, Ryanair, CMO (replacing Michael O'Leary, who has just informed us that he has to go on a longhaul trip & therefore cannot come)


Juha Järvinen, Finnair, Chief Commercial Officer


Stephan Uhrenbacher, Entrepreneur, Founder of FLIO, the global airport app


Stephan Jung, Eisberg Positioning, Managing Partner


Marcus Puffer, IBS Software Services, VP Global Loyalty Strategy


Manish Sinha, Hyderabad International Airport, India, Chief Operating Officer


Wataru Tanaka, Nikken Sekkei, Design section - architect, designer of Tokyo Narita Terminal 3


Seb Wereszczynski, Monarch Airlines, Head of Revenue


Ralph Beisel, ADV German Airports Assoc., Managing Director


Iliana Cruz, LOT Polish Airlines, Executive Director Revenue Management, Pricing and Distribution

Andrew Cowen, HongKong Express Airlines, CEO


Michael Eggenschwiler, Hamburg Airport, CEO 


Benny Mantin, University of Waterloo, Assoc. Professor

Patrick Murphy, Peach Airlines Japan, Chief Advisor


Pramod Jain, Sabre Austria, Managing Director  


Joe Leader, APEX, CEO 


Find more speakers & more details in the agenda and follow our linkedin group "think future"





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Save the date: 8 - 9 February 2017, Hamburg
Conference language: English

About Speakers

Joe Leader

CEO at APEX (Airline Passenger Experience Association)

Joe talked about the

"Airline Experience of You"

at the Hamburg Aviation Conference 2016

What others say

Christopher Minner

VP at Tampa International Airport

Yours is one of the best events that I've seen anywhere in the world. I met many fascinating people from all corners of the aviation industry ...I am taking many new ideas home with me to Florida.

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