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High tech and customer service - opportunities and limitations 

Shopping and planning on the internet, reservations for flights, trains, car rental and hotels, self service passport controls and boarding gates - how far can technology go? How can organisations achieve differentiation and establish a sustainable business model in the dynamic market environment?

Customer, technology and innovation will again be the topics for the next Hamburg Aviation Conference. The conference has become the leading think tank for future oriented organisations. It brings CEOs and senior management, experts and thought leaders from the aviation and travel industry together with retailers and universities to discuss strategies to face the new reality.

When: Tuesday 10 @15.00 (optional workshops), Wednesday 11th @9.00 - 12th February 2015 @14.00 hours

Location: Moevenpick Hotel Hamburg, Sternschanze 6, 20357 Hamburg

Key contact:

Key marketing partners: Hamburg Airport, Lumexis, ICLP, Guestlogix, Airbus and more

Organizer: XXL Solutions GmbH; last update of agenda 19/1/2015  

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 10 February 2015 - Exclusive
Pre-Conference Workshops
(max 15 attendants per workshop)
Confirmed Speakers
15.00 - 17.30 Workshop 1: Know me - potential scenarios for direct customer engagement for airports and airport retailers. Top 5 tips for success and major pitfalls.This workshop delivers all the ingredients for an evaluation of b2c customer management and loyalty for airports, which could ultimately result in a business case. It answers questions such as how can you make money out of direct customer contact, how can you build a convincing business case for CRM, critical success factors for the implementation, implications for other stakeholders sucha s retailers and airlines, top 5 tips for success, what the top three things that airports can learn from other industries in terms of customer management and loyalty, what are the pitfalls and the risks, how  to make it happen in terms of technology and processes, why it can help to create new revenue streams in a dynamic environment.   Mignon Buckingham, Managing Director at ICLP,  James Edmunds, Field Leader - Airline & Tourism, University of West London
15.00 - 17.30 Workshop 2: The airline perspective on mobile and automation: Benefits, savings, customer service perspective, issues and more.A real life experience to show why to invest and how much? What are the real benefits and the ROI? What are issues and key success factors related to implementation. What about the cooperation with the airport and the airport retailers? Which technology options are there? What are the potential savings. What does this mean from the customer service perspective? And what does it mean for staff? These and other areas will be discussed during the workshop, with a lot of room to ask your specific questions.  Pedro Casimiro, Manager Ground Product and Processes, & Charter Stations at Brussels Airlines
15.00 - 17.30 Workshop 3: Social media and mobile - business cases for immediate adaptation. - Where do social media help us to engage customers? What rules do we need to observe? How can we make it happen? What can we learn from other industries using social media extensively such as festival organisations? What are successful adapatations? Where do we have to be careful?  Mr Massimo Scialò, Prof. in IT Marketing & Communication at Rome University. CEO of Beatpick, keynote speaker 2014
15.00 - 17.30

Workshop 4: Passenger end-to-end connectivity - We are all addicted to connectivity. Does this demand for connectivity provide an opportunity for airlines to deliver a seamless passenger journey and hence improve the flying experience? What are the customer's expecations with regards using connectivity for work, rest and play? What are the technical and commercial constraints in terms of providing on-aircraft and off-aircraft connectivity? 

Is there an opportunity to drive ancillary revenue through provision of connectivity services? Which technical solutions already exist? What does this mean today and tomorrow - for both customers and airlines?

A fully interactive workshop that will take attendees from connectivity 101 through to establishing the right questions to ask any potential provider of connectivity and / or services. 

Jonathan Norris, Vice President of Sales at Lumexis Corporation
15.00 - 17.30 Workshop 5: Revenue management through the eyes of a retailer - bringing light & new concepts to the black box of airline RM - This workshop covers traditional and future concepts and tools of revenue management, the impact of customer behaviour and how ancillary revenues can be revenue managed to achieve higher returns. Laurent Lebard, Chief Executive Officer  YieldIn 
15.00 - 17.30 Workshop 6: How Google came to love brands unfairly. And other ranking influences. Google plus, Wikipedia and the number of characters in a URL. Just three of the fifty four key factors that can raise your site to the heights of Google ranking. Why are brands automatically given highest rankings? Does video help to beat them? How does site design influence ranking? How does an algorithm distinguish brilliant page content from dross? You'll be astonished when you find out. A thoroughly enjoyable workshop dispelling the myths of SEO plus an eighty page takeaway packed with facts, figures and vital check lists Derek Mansfield, the irreverent President and CEO of the Bold Endeavours Group
14.30 - 18.00 register & "get your professional photo"
as from 19.30 informal get together in the Cave Bar in the Moevenpick Hotel
 11 February 2015 Conference Day 1 Confirmed Speakers
as from 08:45 register, have a coffee, meet people, "get your professional photo"
9:45 - 10:15 Welcome note Senator Frank Horch, Economics, Transport & Innovation Authorities Hamburg
Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO Hamburg Airport
10:15-10:45 Keynote: No limits Beatie Wolfe, Musician, Singer, Artist, Technical Innovator, Member of British "Great" campaign
10:45-12:15 Top industry leaders opening panel: The future of customer experience - differentiator or commodity? - CEOs/Chairmen from Aegean and Olympic Air, London Gatwick Airport, Hamburg Airport, Hongkong Express Airways,

Simon Calver, Chairmann at, previously CEO at Mothercare & Lovefilm 

Andrew Cowen, Deputy CEO HongKong Express Airways

Michael Eggenschwiler, CEO Hamburg Airport 

Dimitris Gerogiannis, Managing Director Aegean Airlines 

Stewart Wingate, CEO Gatwick Airport

12:15-13:15 have lunch, meet people - Restaurant Moevenpick
13:15-14:45 Session I - opportunities and limitations of technology
13:15-13:45 1.1.Technology to win or alienate the customer Ravi Simhambhatla, Chief Technology Officer Aer Lingus
13:45-14:15 1.2. Managing the impact of technology on people and business strategy Audrey Benoit, Director Web & Social at Mobistar; Owner at Digital Nature
14:15-14:45 1.3. From frequent flyer to frequent shopper Gabi Kool, CEO Coalition Rewards
14:45-18:00 Session II - knowing the customer to drive business performance
14:45-15:15 2.1 Managing the digital customer  Bernd Skiera, Professor at Frankfurt University, Director at e-Finance Lab
15:15-15:45 have a coffee, meet people
15:45-16:15 2.2 Get to know the airport customer - and what influences their behaviour. Insight from a global survey.  Mignon Buckingham, Managing Director at ICLP,
16:15-16:45 2.3 The social perspective - driving customer experience and business success Gert Wim ter Haar, KLM, Manager Social Media Hub
16:45-18:15 Customer and Technology panel - opportunities and limitations of technology to improve the customer experience - CEOs and top leaders from bedsonline / part of TUI plc, Guest Logix, Liverpool Airport, Malta Airport, Kuwait Airways, Oneworld

Andrew Cornish, CEO Liverpool Airport 

tbc, GuestLogix Corp.

Markus Klaushofer, CEO Malta International Airport 

Rüdiger König, Director Germany, Austria, Switzerland (part of TUI plc) 

Philip Saunders, CCO Kuwait Airways 

Dennis Tierney, VP Customer Experience Oneworld

18:15-19:00 "get your professional photo"
19:30 - 22:30 have dinner and meet people - Cave Bar Moevenpick Hotel
12 February 2015 Conference Day 2 Confirmed Speakers
08:15-09:00 have a coffee, meet people, "get your professional photo"
09:00-09:30 Keynote: "Innovation is not a choice" - changes in business practices mean that innovation has become both a way of life and necessary for survival! Iain Rawlinson, Principal of strategic adviser Rawlinson Partners, previously Chairman of the Monarch Group, Director of companies
09:30-13.30 Session III - business success through innovative solutions
09:30-10.00 3.1 Key elements of an innovation culture - why an interdisciplinary approach and design thinking are vital components Anne Bergner, Professor for Design Communication at University Coburg, Owner at Anne Bergner Design Consulting
10.00-10.30 3.2 Comfort without compromise - Airbus cabin Interior innovations  Ingo Wuggetzer, Head of Cabin Marketing at Airbus
10.30-11.15 think future panel I: a bunch of innovative case studies - with top leaders from Hertz, London City University, start up company

Clare McCaffrey, Director Marketing Operations & Strategic Sales & CRM at Hertz 

Tilmann Gabriel, Director Aviation Master-Programs at London City University and CEO tiansalo consultants 

Jonathan Hinkles, Head of Flight Crew at Virgin Atlantic

11.15-12.15 have a coffee and meet people
12.15-13.15 think future panel II: How innovation can take business strategy to a new level - with top leaders from Monarc Airlines, Ukraine International, British Rail, Heinemann Duty Free, Hamburg Airport

Marisa Blasco-Bayona, Director Revenue Management, Sales, Network Development at Monarch Airline  

Kieron Gavan, Head of Commercial at Future Railway  

Gunnar Heinemann, General Partner & Board Member Gebr. Heinemann, President German Travel Retail Association  

Wolfgang Pollety, Managing Director Airport Hamburg 


13.15-14:00 saying goodbye and last opportunity to "get your professional photo"





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