Payment handbook

  Airline Payments Handbook.

A complete guide to payments in the air transport industry

This book puts together “all there is to know about airline payments” into a single reference guide, helping you to answer some of the most prominent payments questions:
• How do payments work?
• How do payments work in the airline industry?
• How do I define a payment strategy for my airline?
• How can I reduce my payment costs?
• How can I improve fraud and risk management?
• How can I manage and reduce the complexity of payments?
• How do I select my suppliers?
• How do I structure a payment implementation project?

Download a Table of Contents, Foreword & Sample For those new to airline payments, it is a perfect first step to a better understanding of this topic and a great reference book for ad hoc “What is that?” and “How does that work?” questions.

For all those who work or “have to work” with payments, without it being their primary field of expertise, this book will be a welcome step-by-step guide through the challenges that the world of payments brings with it.

For the advanced payment reader, it is a superb reference guide for “best in class” payment handling and a source of inspiration for improvements in their day-to-day business.

The Airline Payments Handbook is available for purchase now.


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