Artis Lismanis

artis lismanis

Artis Lismanis is Head of Analytics and Decision Support at Monarch Airlines. He leads a team of Commercial Insights Analysts that provides reporting, in-depth data analysis and development of analytical applications to support the key business decisions within Revenue Management, Network Development as well as Sales & Distribution.

Artis is passionate about using data to unlock business value - using technology, data analysis expertise and a combination of agile and lean principles to provide timely and practical solutions to different business challenges. He started his analytics career as an Operations Performance Analyst at easyJet and soon after joined their Operations Research Team. During this time, he became super user of various data systems and gained hands-on experience of formal data modelling, forecasting and optimisation methodologies. He went on to become a BI Developer working as a part of easyJet's BI & Data Team before joining Monarch.

In his spare time Artis enjoys cooking, especially when he has a chance to cook for friends and family. He is also a strong believer in lifelong learning and when he is not working, spending time with friends and family or in the kitchen you will find him signing up for his next MOOC. If there is any spare time left, it is spent tinkering with a computer - maintaining servers, building web applications, exploring latest analytics software.

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